Studies in Biometrics & Architectural Affects

Alternity encompass a series of six studies developed between 2009 and 2013 that experimented with different approaches to embodying the dynamics of biometrics and feedback into the architectural sphere. The goal began as an investigation into how biometric data could inform the architectural design process and if it is possible to incorporate dynamic spatial structures that could be altered by the different physical and mental states of a user. These studies are meant to integrate associated neurological signals and the concept behind mental “states” as a generative and evaluative input into a dynamic environment as a spatial and architectural study.

Taking the form of immersive and interactive architectural installations, Electroencephalography (EEG)  patterns are mapped to parameters of generative geometry, sound and spatially visualized by projecting on and through an array of silver hyperbolic screens while being sonified spatially using Ambisonics on a multiple channel sound system. The user exists in virtual and physical tandem, his/her current perspective and awareness creates an immersive experience whereby they are experiencing the dynamic geometric landscape which they are generating in real-time. Blurring the threshold of both spatial and temporal constructions, Alternity experiments with architecture’s capacity to produce alternative forms of experience. It asks how our current understanding of how we experience our surroundings is going to be affected by the digital networks and persuasive computing beginning to be embedded within the physical environment.

Work Details:

  • Site Specific (details vary)
  • Projection, Sound, Fabric 
  • 4.5 x 45M -> 9 x 9M / 15' x 15' -> 30' x  30'
  • Projection: 1-3 projectors
  • Sound: 8.2 channel spatial sound 33 x 48 cm / 13 x 19 in
  • Time frame: Self running, typically 10 min rotation

Exhibitions and Publications:

  • Spatial Relativity - 2013 (NIME, Daejeon South Korea)
  • TransMission -2012 (Transmission, MOCA Geffen, Los Angeles)
  • Your Vital Virtual - 2012 (Bits & Pieces, Santa Barbara)
  • Virtual Worlds - 2012 (Paris)
  • TImeLESS - 2011 (StoreFront, Pacific Design Center)
  • Incepted Projection - 2011 (SIGGRAPH Asia, CNSI)
  • Relativity Spatial - 2010 (POOR COOP Gallery, Los Angeles)
  • Ambient Alternity - 2009 (SCI-Arc Gallery, Los Angeles)