Danny Bazo & F.Myles Sciotto


Spring 2011

Seminar Abstract
In this course, we will seek to analyze, model, and explore the complex transactions that take place between intelligent agents and their environment from biologically-inspired systems theory. Various abstractions from biological, robotic, social, cybernetic, and economic spheres will be used to illustrate how an agent’s morphological (external) and control (internal) structures form a coupled assemblage with the environment at-large.

The investigation will include readings, screenings, and software exercises leading to the application of theoretical approaches to the contemporary practice of interactive/immersive installation design. Multimodal sketches in both the digital and analog domain will be utilized in the exploration of design possibilities. These sketches will culminate in the group design and creation of a semester project.

The semester project, an interactive multimedia installation, will consist of three integrated components: Visual, Aural, and Tactile. Projections, sounds, and physical constructions will be assembled into a biologically-inspired, real-time dynamic system meant for immersive interaction.