ean-Michel Crettaz & F.Myles Sciotto

IC:  Pendulum.Field

Imum Coeli is a systemic work that explores the interplay of invisible magnetic-, earth-rotation and earth-gravitational force fields and invites a reflection on the technological apparatus required to perceive and experience our world. Imum Coeli (latin: lowest point in the sky) points at the tangent as a conceptual line separating world and heaven, the tangible with the intangible. The installation is conceived as an apparatus connecting the viewer with the transcendence of energy-fields encompassing our existences, and offers an opportunity to reflect on the nature of entropy and the relation of thought to matter.

The exhibit consists of three suspended spheres orbiting above three fields of variably scaled pendulums. The gravitational and magnetic motion vectors of the spheres and pendulums create an intricate dynamic field system seeking entropy through a multitude of interrelated adjustments and constructs an experiential space made of movement, light and sound that provides the viewer with the infinitum of invisible self-adjusting dynamics of an energy field.

Work Details:

  • Site Specific (details vary)
  • 4.5 x 4.5 M -> 9 x 9 M / 15' x 15' -> 30' x  30'
  • Acrylic, Brass, Mirror, Lighting, Sensors, Sound 
  • Microcontroller w/ motors
  • Lighting: DMX Lights, LED
  • Sound: 8.2 channel spatial sound
  • Time frame: Self running

Exhibitions & Publications:

  • ACADIA 2013
  • The Creators Project
  • IEEE VISAP 2014