Quasar 2.0

 Jean Michel Crettaz and Mark-David Hosale
with Duly Lee, Michaela Neus, F. Myles Sciotto and Marco Verde

Star Incubator (Q2:SI)

Quasar 2.0 is an immersive interactive light and sound installation. Providing a spatial reflection of renewing and evolving life-cycles, the Q2:SI body is conceived of an array of structural prototype elements, electronic sensors and control elements that form an intricate three-dimensional spatial experience. The light and sound events are expressions of a multilayered generative system that transport ever changing narrative structures through emerging characteristics. The installation’s life-form is computed in real-time comprising of simultaneously converging data streams: local infrared and electromagnetic fields, Muon Neutrino data streams from the Antarctic IceCube Neutrino Observatory and weather data collected at Automated Weather Stations from the Antarctic Meteorological Research Center. A local information screen provides tangible data sourcing and processing of the multiple inputs. Over time the observer will notice subtle differentiations of the evolutionary principles that are fluently transitioning and initiating a new impetus for connecting visitors with an interface of various information stratum. The aim of the exhibit is to connect the audience with systems of the universe unfolding beyond our senses, collapsing scale and time into the immediacies of the experience of ever new beginnings.

Work Details:

  • Site Specific (details vary)
  • 4.5 x 4.5 M -> 9 x 9 M / 15' x 15' -> 30' x  30'
  • Acrylic, LCD Screens, Micro-Controller, Sound  
  • 3 Screens
  • Custom Micro-contoller (ndstudiolab)
  • Sound: 8.2 channel spatial sound
  • Time frame: Self running


  • Nuit Blanche
  • The Creators Project