Jitip S. & F.Myles Sciotto

Jai Jai Gallery

Fall 2013

RAW is an biannual exhibition series where recent architecture students present their current interests, which alongside the work in professional environments have pursued their own lines of thinking and production. Often continuing thesis work and/or developing new ideas entirely, RAW is dedicated to the exploration of interests and processes, which develop personal passions within the contemporary architectural discourse.

RAW is organized as an AlloStudio (a different studio of another kind) fusing a trans-disciplinary element, which inspires to bridge the scholastic with the goal of making in mind. Meeting weekly for feedback and critique, the residents present their work and progress to each other, discussing interests, topics and perspectives related to both the field of architecture and the world at large. RAW strives to making tangible the ideas, which emerge from common threads, which when woven together form the union of interests, exploring and expanding new developments within the ever-changing field of architecture.