Jean Michel Crettaz & F. Myles Sciotto

Tesla's Apotheosis: Architecture & Sound

Stoicheia, is an immersive installation focusing on the making of a synthetic ecology and informing the process of architecture using sound. After the reception of enigmatic radio signals in 1899, Tesla began work for many years to perfect the receiving and transmitting equipment that was needed to better pick up and translate his aural discoveries. Stoicheia explores similar notions of Telsa’s Aether using specific data feeds and scanning techniques to create a dynamic spatial soundscape drawing upon an experience of immediacy, and ephemeral interplay between the agencies that maintain a continuously self-adaptive sonic and physical environment. 

Work Details:

  • Site Specific (details vary)
  • 4.5 x 4.5 M -> 9 x 9 M / 15' x 15' -> 30' x  30'
  • Metal, Mirror, Plaster, Foam, Gold leaf, Lighting, Sensors, Sound
  • Robot Arm with 3D sensors
  • Lighting: DMX Lights, Micro-controlled LED
  • Sound: 8.2 channel spatial sound
  • Time frame: Self running

Exhibitions and Publications:

  • ACADIA 2014
  • ACM Multimedia 2015