Aaron Bocanegra & F. Myles Sciotto


Fall 2010

Studio Abstract
The goal of this course is to explore the concept and practice of world making by designing SonicSpace in the form of media data. A system of systems which allows for the experimentation of spatial and temporal possibilities using information as material. Studies of natural phenomena and symbiotic relationships studied in the studio course will be investigated and then computational models with be developed using these as formal, functional and equational inspiration.

The course will utilize a multitude of mediums both digital and analogue. Drawings, and layered diagrams (both static and dynamic) will be utilized in order to illustrate the project and supporting studies. Max/MSP will be introduced and taught in order to develop and explore parametric possibilities of computational systems. Spatial explorations will be accompanied by a series of exercise and excursions. These include screenings of soundscape pieces and visual landscapes. Course outings to experience the dynamic potential of acoustics along with the analysis of perspective and light will be held.

The Semester Project will consist of an visualSonic architectural performance of a generated scape/environment. This installation / performance will conclude with a critique regarding the architectural investigations found within the natural phenomena and their spatial and sonic effects / affects.